feature: check out the delicate sketch work of london-based artist/illustrator t.s abe

April 5, 2016

T.S Abe is a London-based artist/illustrator/animator who specializes in portrait drawings. Abe’s work has been used by Nike, Harrods, and The New York Times. Most of her sketches start with or are completely done with mechanical pencil. She says more detailed pieces become a free-for-all, materials wise, where she steadily builds up each gradient shade. Her illustrations are rarely adorned with other colors. What I love most about Abe’s work is how the seeming simplicity sketches draw attention to her delicate line work and shading. Check ‘em out down below and see much more right over here.

By Erin White*, AFROPUNK contributor

Portrait of @itsreesiie

Portrait of @badgalriri

Portrait of @flowerbatts

Animated sketch of Willow

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