nakhane touré – “blackened and bruised” (official audio)

March 11, 2016

VIDEO: South African singer and novelist Nakhane Touré grapples with demons on somber new track “Blackened and Bruised”.

(Don’t be so buried in the light…)

I thought I said:
Keep it far away from me
Don’t get it closer
Keep it far away from me

Tell me your fears, young man
So we can laugh at them
Like me laughing
at the growl of a raging pup

Tell me your fears
You laughing son
That you were obstinate
In your ways
And were blackened by sin

And when you saw
Them guns in hand
Were you shown their ways

Stab and trust and take
and plough
and bow
and burn
and learn
Do you laugh now?
(Blackened and bruised)

I never thought I’d find what I found in you
Amongst the warring crowds you saw me too.

And now I love what they hated in you.
We’ll get it back what they took from you

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