free download: sean avery tells his story loudly on ’emofunk’ #soundcheck

March 21, 2016

“The silent are forgotten, so tell your story loudly.” Over the course of Sean Avery’s EP EMOFUNK, he looks for direction for directionless angst; a fear of being forgotten or ignored running through the music like a chill. A suburban kid, his songs use the language of hip-hop to mine some of the same territory as the emo scene, which at its best sought to find catharsis for self-hatred and learn to focus on bigger things. (The transformation of Rites of Spring into Fugazi remains emo’s highest achievement.) Over Dilla beats, Avery strikes a difficult balance between introspection and an “ugh there I go again being all emo, sorry…” shrug. As on the EP’s highlight “No More Light,” after digging into his own self-destructive impulses, he grabs a view of the bigger picture: “Then I think about my cousin Freddie / Shot dead in the chest at twenty / And here I am full of sorrow / Like fuck tomorrow.”
But then points out on “Black Boy” and “Rebel” that just because his problems aren’t “big” problems, doesn’t mean they’re not real.

By Nathan Leigh, AFROPUNK Contributor