video premiere: experimental soul singer/songwriter nicholas ryan gant drops kriswontwo-produced pre-summertime jam, ‘everyone’

February 4, 2016

Experimental soul singer/songwriter Nicholas Ryan Gant drops his brand new single, ‘Everything’, exclusively for AFROPUNK. The track, a collaboration with producer Kriswontwo, is a blend of futuristic RandB where electronic zips and dings are layered between synthesized percussion and distorted horn toots. ‘Everything’ is a feel-good pre-summer jam warmed up by the richness of Gant’s voice—the infectious grin doesn’t hurt either. “My new media representation of my artistry and my latest EP MAZE represents the complexity and the depth of my music and gift and the evolution of me as an artist and as a man. The project is a collaboration effort with super producer Kriswontwo. The single, Everything is an ode to my true idea of love and my passion for art. In truth I believe the two are intertwined. There is no straight line between love and art, and MAZE provides a small glimpse to the inner workings of my heart and the music I create. I am still on a journey… Hoping others will join me in the MAZE of love,“ Gant tells AFROPUNK.

MAZE is scheduled to for release April 1. In the mean time, you can download ‘Everything’ for free right over here.

By Erin White*, AFROPUNK contributor

Above photo by: Danie Rae

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