new music: cletus brings back that old school hard rock swagger #soundcheck

February 29, 2016

Raleigh-based multi-instrumentalist Christopher Wells has made a name for himself as a touring bassist (most notably for Ms. Lauryn Hill), and a composer for TV and film. The versatile musician’s latest project is the hard rock project Cletus. Living somewhere between early Filter and Living Colour, his music has an old-school attitude and posture. The menacing vocal delivery on the grandiose “So….” is a definite highlight of his new set. Wells describes the urgency behind the project:
“It’s that thing that makes me a dreamer sometimes to a fault but nonetheless impossible to shake. I wouldn’t shake it even if could. It makes the hairs on my body stand erect with pleasure with a sense of being connected to something far greater than myself. far more beautiful than anyone should should be allowed to feel but I do. It began with my ancestors. Part of my family’s greatest wealth was a love for music that has transcended space, souls and over four generations. And now it is my time.”

By Nathan Leigh, AFROPUNK Contributor