feature: youtuber nátaly neri talks black identity, self-esteem, and black feminism on her channel afro e afins

February 11, 2016

Nátaly Neri is a 21-years-old YouTuber, afro-hair stylist and Sociology graduate student who started the YouTube channel Afro e Afins, which brings to light issues as self-esteem, black identity and black feminism while speaks about hair style and beauty.

“We grew up in an online world. We always spent a long time watching make up videos on Youtube and I rarely saw myself on that. So I asked myself: “why don’t we use that spaces also to give black woman consciousness? It’s not only about beauty products. How can I talk to a black woman about make up if she doesnt even love herself? So I think the aesthetics are also a strong form of militancy.”, she says in a video while explaining what motivated her to start the channel.

By Robin Batista*, AFROPUNK contributor


* Robin Batista is a Brazilian designer, student in Afro-diasporic Visual Arts, editor at AFROGUERRILHA and AFROPUNK contributor.