feature: paris-based senegalese and french photographer céline sarr uses editorial ‘textile landscapes’ to underscore textile commodification in developing countries

February 17, 2016

Céline Sarr alludes to the inextricable relationship between the commodification of raw textile materials and where and how they are sourced in order to turn a profit in far away places in her ongoing project ‘Textile Landscapes’. The fabrics of these distant and developing countries symbolically representing the historic, cultural, and political landscape of the world and its country of origin’s relation to it. Starr began this project in 2014 while visiting Comoros for their art festival. After, Starr traveled to Senegal, where she worked with fashion designer Oumou Sy, and then to Cambodia.

By Erin White*, AFROPUNK contributor

Comoros: Mireille Rasoamiaramanana Ali Djanffar, Mouena Mariam
Nourel Moussa and Mohamed Zakaria.
Senegal: Sandrine Gabayen, Oumou Sy
Comoros: Sitti Thourayat Daoud Ahmed Soilihi
Senegal: Mireille Gabayen, Aminata Faye

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