feature: maliciouz and kandolo ‘afropop’ exhibition now open at montreal gallery espace mushagalusa

February 11, 2016

Check out Montreal’s Espace Mushagalusa’s current exhibition, ‘AFROPOP’, which features the work of black artists MaliCiouZ and KANDOLO. ‘AFROPOP’ centers around the popular culture of afro-descendants. MaliCiouZ, a Haitian native, draws references from black mythology and tribal aesthetic and she adapts them to contemporary times. KANDOLO, a visual artist born in Kinshasa, DRC, has a trademark aesthetic in portraying people in vibrant, expressionistic ways. “Multiplicity and repetition are characteristic for my work. I like to surprise myself, so I paint with big gestures. Stains, drippings etc. are the result of it. These ‘mistakes’ are part of my artworks,” writes KANDOLO.

See a few of their exhibition pieces down below. In Montreal? The exhibition will be showing until Feb. 14.

By Erin White*, AFROPUNK contributor

‘Kiss Androïde’ zoom by Kandolo

‘Sans Titre’ by Kandolo

‘Témoin’ by Kandolo

‘The Queen Next Door’ by Maliciouz

Pictured: MaliCiouZ and KANDOLO

‘Typical Négus’ by Maliciouz

Photos: The Kevin Calixte
Espace Mushagalusa 533, Ontario East. Montreal

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