feature: generation revolution documentary shines bright light on london’s new generation of black and brown revolutionaries

February 16, 2016

Generation Revolution is feature-length documentary, a year in the making, that shines light on the UK’s stirring undercurrents of racial tension and inequality, and the building resistance of London’s new generation of black and brown revolutionaries as the lead the charge for social and political change. “Once you see the injustice in the world you can’t do anything else but this.” Generation Revolution was young filmmakers are gearing up for the documentary’s release and are in the final weeks of their crowdsourcing campaign. To learn more about helping them meet their goals, click here.

Watch the trailer down below.

By Erin White*, AFROPUNK contributor

Co-director, Producer – Cassie Quarless
Co-director, Producer – Usayd Younis
Editor – Nse Asuquo


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