feature: see serge kponton black&white series ‘unmasked’

January 8, 2016

Take a look at multi-talent artist Serge Kponton’s “Unmasked” (“Démasquées”) photo series. Kponton describes the series as being about “transitory transformation” in which he creates patterns and sign on his muse’s, wiping away her socially acceptable self (the mask we wear in public) and replacing it with a fresh start that frees her of obligations to conform.

“The title “Unmasked” stands for the paradox of my artistic concept. When I create patterns and signs on my muse’s body, she is the subject to a transitory transformation. She changes her appearance and gives up her social mask, the one that gives her the necessary cover to facilitate a seamless blending and social acceptance. She can then embrace this new body language and unveil her extraordinary self, her singularity, her character, her strengths and weaknesses, her influences and her inspirations. All of which are the building blocks of her very identity,” says Kponton.

“Unmasked” is an on-going project that has taken the Paris-based artist to New York and Rio de Janeiro. Check it out below.

By Erin White, AFROPUNK contributor