feature: ezio rosa, author of the black, gay, brazilian blog bicha nagô, is photographed by kelvin yule

January 26, 2016

The Brazilian blog Bicha Nagô began in 2014 with the need to find black, gay representation, as a way to map invisibilized people and share experiences in order to strengthen the Brazilian black, gay community. Being a black, gay person in Brazil means you will be suffering a lot of more pressure, not only by a white society which puts you down all the time, but also inside the black community itself. That’s why many boys, including some already in depression, saw the blog as a way to discover that they weren’t alone.

The founder and author of the blog, Ezio Rosa, modeled for the photographer Kelvin Yule in his new essay, called Rei Cisne. See more of Bicha Nagô and Kelvin Yule on Facebook.

By, Robin Batista*, AFROPUNK contributor

Styling: Renato Carvalho
Clothing: Sandro Freitas
Photography: Kelvin Yule
Model: Ezio Rosa

*Robin Batista is a Brazilian designer, student in Afro-diasporic Visual Arts, editor at AFROGUERRILHA and AFROPUNK contributor.