feature: check out hertfordshire’s acoustic-soulstress melodi

January 6, 2016

It’s probably sacrilege to compare anyone to Tracy Chapman, so at the risk of any ensuing outrage, I’ll just say that Melodi sure sounds like a little Tracy-in-training. Melodi, a singer/songwriter from Hertfordshire, UK, takes a soulful approach to acoustic guitar-led music. With the help of driving shuffle-beats, classic harmonics, and a remarkably soulful voice, Melodi makes music that’s truly unique in its own right.

“I write from personal experiences and love the beauty of being able to get a situation, or a feeling, down into a piece of writing. I often write songs about things I have trouble saying to people. If I want someone to know how I feel I tell them through song instead of trying to make it sound right in conversation. I speak best and make most sense in songs.”

By Erin White, AFROPUNK contributor