feature: artist lucas batista shares his perspective as a black skater in rio

January 6, 2016

Being black and a skater confronts the society twice. It’s a way to show our identity and help other people to feel comfortable with themselves. People think that skaters are marginals, vagabonds, people with no perspective. That’s not right! This is just our way to feel free and borderless.

I’ve been modeling these past few days in an experiment for a dear friend who wanted to take some pictures of me to show a different point of view of black skaters and also help me to empower myself and my black brothers!

Check out ‘Longboard Blackstyle’ photo series by Luccas Martins shot by below.

By Lucas Batista, AFROPUNK contributor

Photos by Luccas Martins @luccasmartinsphoto / Modeled by Lucas Batista @lucbats