donte collins – “thanksgiving” (button live)

January 14, 2016

“This piece is hard and is still one I am chewing through. It is easy to swear off whiteness on social media or even in your friend groups, right? “He robbed a…” Blocked. “Well, why would he wear…” Blocked. “Not all white…” Blocked.

Though how do we, adoptees who have white kin, continuously navigate conversations on race, whiteness & countless systems of oppression that we are raised to think we are immune to? “How did you turn out so different?” How are we routinely expected to say, “I love you (relative’s name), but…” without anger, all the while being erased and tokenized at the same time?

In my experience (one of many), being black, here in America, is to always see the ghosts of the ancestors who brought me here. To be haunted while simultaneously, hunted. In this piece, I look to the ghosts. I ask the ancestors to help navigate my slow-cooking anger. I use the haunt,” Collins tells AFROPUNK