new music: stream eryn allen kane’s soul masterpiece ‘aviary – act 1’ #soundcheck

December 3, 2015

Here’s an itemized list of things that are amazing about Eryn Allen Kane’s ‘AVIARY – Act 1’:

1. that brilliantly devastating cover
2. her voice
3. her voice
4. the line “you think you’re a goldmine / you’ve been excavated.”
5. upright bass!
6. her voice
7. the spiraling cacophonous chorus of Eryn Allen Kanes on “Have Marcy”
8. that guitar tone
9. the hook for “Slipping”
10. songwriting and production that’s timeless and a little bit nostalgic without being reductive
11. such horn sections! Much brass.
12. her voice
13. the fact that “Act 1” in the title implies a forthcoming Act 2.


The end. 
By Nathan Leigh AFROPUNK, Contributor