feature: ‘just listen’ – detroit rapper priest’s reflective and honest track about expression

December 29, 2015

Check out Detroit rapper Priest’s ‘Just Listen’ – a track, produced by Thovo Beats & BAIN, from his album ‘Art of Urban Warfare’ (“dedicated to all of the lonely souls out in the world,” says the New York based Hip-Hop artist). Priest’s camp state: “‘Just Listen’ is a more of an introspective rendition about human beings and their difficulty with expression. The song is spoken from the perspective of grappling with their inner-demons and thoughts of the past, present and future, and disappearing into the distraction of dating to suppress their troubles. As sincere as it is reflective and honest as it is expressive.” Listen below.

By Alexander Aplerku, AFROPUNK Contributor

Photo credit: @neatshinyowl