bsolomonsangs – Loves Overture x Relax

November 16, 2015

Check out the new visual from bsolomonsangs – ‘Loves Overture x Relax’ (directed by Sanford Jenkins)

The LA based singer-songwriter (aka Betty), a Maryland native, tells us: “These two songs are a combination of my recent move in this past year from Brooklyn to LA. ‘Loves Overture’ is my ode to not being able to capture and finalize a moment to be with someone i left in NY. ‘Relax’ is just me talking to a homie about getting through the tough things in life because we have so much to be grateful for in times like these.” bsolomonsangs adds, “I wrote the songs at Become a Star Studios in midtown Manhattan with the homies Shareef, Sanatra and Glo; and the beats were crafted by DJ Harrison.” CLICK HERE to hear more.