feature: “why i’m absolutely an angry black woman” – writer dominique matti’s must-read article

October 28, 2015
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If there’s one thing that black women have to combat daily, it’s the longstanding stereotype of the “angry black woman” (that crazy notion that a black woman presenting general assertiveness means that she is some how one of those “angry” ones). Now one Philadelphia based writer and editor, Dominique Matti (pictured), has taken the stereotype head on; with an article entitled “Why I’m Absolutely an Angry Black Woman”. In the piece – responding to her title – Matti writes: “Because they justify our deaths. Because no one is held accountable […] Because when the doctors put my son in my arms and I saw that he was as dark as his father, I knew life would be even harder for him […] Because my stomach sinks whenever I see a police car. Because I worry that if I went missing like the 64,000 other black women in this nation, the authorities wouldn’t try hard to find me.” Pow! CLICK HERE to read the full article (via The Huffington Post).

By Alexander Aplerku, AFROPUNK Contributor


(Photo credit: Femi Matti)