feature: aza comics – jazmin truesdale’s universe of multicultural women superheroes

October 21, 2015

Check out the superheroines of Aza Comics. The brainchild of Jazmin Truesdale and illustrated by Remero Colston, the upcoming comic book series (out later this month) is a universe of multicultural women superheroes – led by Kala, a super warrior from the Gullah Islands of South Carolina. Truesdale tells us, “My superheroes will address real life problems that women of color face as well as current events while also raising self esteem”. She adds: “I plan to change the way superheroes are marketed to women that will hopefully build self-esteem and inspire them. The girls are illustrated with different body types (some girls are thicker than others) because this has been a big issue in the comic book industry. The first line of heroes are called The Keepers and they are five girls that represent the 5 major ethnic groups of the world. Kala who is the Black superhero is based on the female warriors of Africa and Ixchel who is the Native American superhero is based on the Mayan goddess of medicine. Nari, who is not a superhero but an oracle, is based on the blond Black people of Melanesia.” The comic series also features LGBT characters. Truesdale says, “Kala’s best friend is a lesbian and she will be the love interest of Amaya’s best friend and the two of them will have their own series of action adventures.” Explore below.

By Alexander Aplerku, AFROPUNK Contributor