new music: bells atlas’ cover of grimes’ “genesis” is officially the definitive version of the song #soundcheck

September 2, 2015

Bells Atlas’ streak of flawless head-expanding releases continues unabated with their latest single, a cover of Grimes’ “Genesis.” I’ll concede that I’ve never been a huge Grimes fan, but a little of that Bells Atlas magic, and I’m a convert. Drummer Geneva Harrison is in rare form here, her percussion vying for earspace with singer Sandra Lawson-Ndu. Half the time Geneva seems to be handling the melody while Sandra’s “my my mys” give the track its rhythmic anchor. Like seemingly everything they touch, it’s uneasily stunning, toeing the line between indie pop gem and brain-melting experiment. The band’s experimental soul breathes fresh air into the track, and achieves the goal of every cover ever: it sounds as if only Bells Atlas could have written it.

By Nathan Leigh, AFROPUNK Contributor

If you haven’t checked out Bells Atlas’ latest EP, Hyperlust, it’s out now and bloody fantastic.