feature: tyler the creator’s tribute essay to death grips

September 15, 2015

Take a look at Tyler The Creator’s tribute essay to hip hop/punk group Death Grips. The must-read essay was released via the rapper’s new magazine (‘Golf Book’): “Summer had just started. I’d decided to buy a trampoline for my room and some mini kayaks for my pool. I’m in my room about to set up the trampoline, and on a related video on YouTube I read, Death Grips – Guillotine (Live). I’ve had people tell me about them and blah blah, and I never really gave them a chance. I click it. First 30 seconds, I’m like “OK, fuck, I’m getting bored.” By 55 seconds, I am fully in. The skinny black guy on stage with the beard that kind of reminds you of one those homeless people you see with a Starbucks cup… ended up being the coolest shit I’ve ever seen”. See the full essay below and catch Tyler and Death Grips next month at AFROPUNK’s first inaugural festival in Atlanta (Oct 3-4):

By Alexander Aplerku, AFROPUNK Contributor


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