feature: “prince, his purple badness as a dc comics superhero”

September 24, 2015

In 1991, Prince was immortalised in an epic comic book series titled ‘Prince: Alter Ego’ (available HERE). The three-issue fantasy story was published by DC Comics (Piranha Music), ahead of Prince’s thirteenth studio album release – ‘Diamonds and Pearls’. Yesterday Dangerous Minds featured the vintage comic (written by Dwayne McDuffie) and its must-see artwork, stating: “The comic appears to present Prince’s own famously bad self in the frame of a superhero, but it’s unclear whether he has any superhuman powers or anything like that. In effect, it’s the Prince origin story, a la Purple Rain, but with a big superhero-style archenemy plot thrown in. It’s a glib comparison, but writer Dwayne McDuffie and penciler Denys Cowan appear to borrow liberally from the Batman mythos, and in 1991 no name was bigger in the Batman comics world than Frank Miller […] So basically, if you took Purple Rain and mashed it up with The Dark Knight Returns, you’d have something an awful lot like Alter Ego.” Explore below.

By Alexander Aplerku, AFROPUNK Contributor