feature: ‘mumu juju’ – the hilarious nigerian comic book that is all about the power of friendship

September 23, 2015

Check out Nigerian illustrator Etubi Onucheyo’s ‘Mumu Juju’, the new comic book series from creative content company Vortex (the first in a line of graphic novels and comics to be released by the African company). Somto Ajuluchukwu (Vortex’s founder and creative director) states: “‘Mumu Juju’ is an exciting new comic born out of the love for comics and the desire to use this medium to tell stories and impact lives. It is an easy read that speaks to every generation while getting its message of friendship and dedication across. Etubi Onucheyo the creative mind behind ‘Mumu Juju’ came up with the idea one sunny afternoon in 2013, when he was very hungry and craved freshly pounded yam (a meal indigenous to the eastern and western parts of Nigeria). The main characters of the novel are ‘Mortar’ and ‘Pestle’, whom he used to pound the metaphorical yam of his story into life. It takes the reader on a wild journey with the two main characters as they overcome challenges and obstacles while trying to complete the tasks given to them by a god named ‘Kenga’ and his witch side-kick ‘Ee’. Mumu Juju touches on the importance of love and friendship in getting us through any situation in life with a hilarious twist to it that takes away the seriousness of the story and makes it fun to read, while still sending its message across. Etubi, carries this theme of friendship and love on through Mumu Juju, with the good guys appearing in pairs, and the villains alike, showing the unconscious undertone in relationships where even evil and corrupt minds are in pairs but with time are separated each holding their evil schemes, showing the consequence where there is a lack of true friendship and love, while an open and loving mind seeks and finds like minds to grow and develop”. Take a look at the images below, and CLICK HERE to get a copy of ‘Mumu Juju’.

By Alexander Aplerku, AFROPUNK Contributor