feature: ‘black goth’ – charles edward fambro’s “journey into sound

September 18, 2015

Listen to the new collection from sound artist Charles Edward Fambro, ‘Black Goth’. Describing the album, Fambro says:  “This is a journey into sound. In effect, a mining expedition for new tropes, memes and isons in the realm of sound; more befitting the new tempo, chroma, and logistics of the current playing field. Anthony Braxton once said, to paraphrase, no sound just happens as a result of happenstance, they all have a meaning; and they have happened before…” In regards to the  gothic theme, Fambro adds: “The Gothic, far from being something alien to Black life in America, has been an all encompassing soundstage from day one, 1555. The whip, the slave quarters, and any probable/improbable futures we inhabit in this theme park will be more Gothic than Poe, Mather or Burroughs could ever imagine. As we pass through this current wave of Darkness, unmoored from previous harmonics, I sense a strange continuity guiding us. This is more than a way station with costumes.” Check out ‘Black Goth’ below.

By Alexander Aplerku, AFROPUNK Contributor 



Photo credit: Awol Erizku

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