feature: visual artist ng’endo mukii – challenging beauty standards with ‘yellow fever’ short film

August 11, 2015

In this day and age the quest to attain Eurocentric beauty standards within the Afro-, Black, and African communities have come to an all time high. Media outlets have contributed greatly to the madness by constantly advocating blue-eyes, straight hair, and less pigmented skin — the natural appearance of many European descendants compared to natural African features. Unfortunately, our young, and often impressionable Black children subconsciously aspire to obtain those traits, due to the lack of proper representation. Not to mention, many Black women and men buy into the media’s promotion of beauty standards and adopt them as regulation. Fortunately, there are those within the African diaspora who fight against white supremacy’s propaganda and promote self-love through diverse mediums.
Artist extraordinaire, Ng’endo Mukii is using her platform as a means of social responsibility by creating honest narratives to embellish, uplift, and challenge popular culture through film and animation.

By Tip Jordan, AFROPUNK Contributor

In one of her most powerful masterpieces entitled ‘Yellow Fever’, the Kenyan filmmaker explores one of the most detrimental cause and effects society has unearthed upon the African diaspora while suggesting healthy solutions to stop the demonization of our rich hues, wide noses, and full lips.
You can enjoy the seven minute short film below!

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