feature: ‘the soles of afropunk’ – photo series by sarah bures

August 28, 2015
Check out ‘The Soles of AFROPUNK’, photographer Sarah Bures photography series on the footwear worn at this year’s and last year’s AFROPUNK Fest in New York. Bures tells us, “As I prepared to attend my first AFROPUNK Festival in 2014, I thought about the things I would shoot that would best capture the soul of Afropunk, like the music and the scene. But as I walked around Commodore Barry Park, I found myself drawn to the inventiveness and style expressed through festival goers’ footwear. Shoes are a powerful item: they carry us from place to place; they can be imbued with sentimental value; and they can be canvases for self-expression, something that is such a large part of AFROPUNK’s ethos. To find the soul of a music festival, I look to its people. I went to capture the people of AFROPUNK, and then I looked down. I resumed the project at 2015’s festival, and plan to continue it in the coming years.” Explore below. .


Ayade Rice, from Brooklyn, NY.

Taj, from Harlem, NY.

Paulina Singer, from Brooklyn, NY.

 EJ Wright, from Harlem, NY, came to Afropunk to document the festival for Snapchat.

Rachel Lifter, an Assistant Professor of Fashion Studies at Parsons School of Design, came to the festival to conduct interviews for her upcoming book on music, fashion and youth culture.

Kabira Dame, from Brooklyn, NY.

 Nicole Walker, from Ft. Lauderdale, FL.

Flof, left, and Blessloso, right, traveled from Atlanta to attend this year’s festival and were handing out roses to festival attendees.

Tom Charles, from Orange County, NY.

.AFROPUNK Fest NY 2014


* Sarah Bures is a web developer for the New York Times and a freelance photographer. She is based in Brooklyn.

Insta and Twitter: @sarahbures