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feature: dolly stud magazine – a platform for black lesbian/bisexual women, created by paris based couple thara and sandra

August 4, 2015

Meet Thara and Sandra, the two women behind Dolly Stud Magazine – the first french media site for black lesbian/bisexual women. Thara and Sandra, who are a Paris based couple of French Caribbean heritage, created the site three years ago. Their aim: advance the visibility of black lesbians and strengthen the lesbian community as a whole. Their name is a reference to the the different types of women found in the lesbian community (feminine “lipstick” lesbians, masculine butch lesbians, and all that’s in between) and with their content they provide a voice for a community that is oftentimes kept in the dark. In a recent article on Dolly Stud by Yagg, Sandra is quoted as saying: “We want to show how lesbians live . We do not hide”. Both founders also use their platform to fight against racism as well as homophobia, particularly within the LGBTQI community. Check out the video below (in French) and CLICK HERE to visit the Dolly Stud site.

By Alexander Aplerku, AFROPUNK Contributor




Photo credit: Xavier Heraud