‘on beauty’ official trailer

July 27, 2015

Take a look at the trailer for ‘On Beauty’, a new short documentary which is challenging the media’s standard of beauty

The film (directed by Joanna Rudnick) showcases the photography of former fashion photographer Rick Guidotti, who traded shooting supermodels like Cindy Crawford for shooting people with visible genetic conditions.

Talking to the LA Times, the activist (who set up Positive Exposure 15 years ago, a non-profit which campaigns for diversity and acceptance) stated: “I loved the idea of aesthetic beauty but didn’t understand why there was only one standard […] One day, I saw this extraordinary woman with albinism waiting for the bus. I started researching the condition and it was like a punch in the stomach. All the images had this creep factor, like the circus… I started getting more and more angry and passionate to use what I knew how to do to show people something different.”