interview: saxophonist and vocalist masego discusses his sound, influences, and new ep

July 16, 2015

Saxophonist/producer/vocalist Masego recently teamed up with Dallas, TX, producer Medasin and unleashed ‘The Pink Polo’ EP, a project that was hailed as a tremendous success by both the industry and the fans. The project was a whimsical plethora of genres, so much so that Masego has categorized the style as being TrapHouseJazz, which is heavily influenced by his Jamaican roots. The project has already clocked up over a million plays on Soundcloud in just over two weeks almost half of those plays were for their breakout single, “Girls That Dance”.

By Ayara Pommells, AFROPUNK Contributor



Masego is not new to the industry, but between the phenomenal success of ‘The Pink Polo’ EP  and his high-spirited energy, things can only get better. He is one to keep your eyes on.

Were you surprised by the success of “Girls That Dance?”

I knew the song would be great but the to the extent that it popped was mind blowin’.


How did you and Medasin initially connect and what is it like working together in the studio?

Aint no studio (Laughs) Surprisingly I haven’t met my soul filled brother Medasin. It was all done threw email and a few texts. I think I met him on Soundcloud randomly. I wish I had a better memory. He’s one of those guys you’re just cool with and forget where it all started


You’ve accumulated a lot of cosigns from some pretty huge outlets and celebrities…how do you stay grounded?

There’s always someone poppin’ more than you. I don’t know who said that but it keeps me humbled. Plus God being the foundation makes it easy to hit a lil’ praise dance and keep workin’.


What’s the most ‘out of the blue’ praise you’ve received?

I got a Snapchat from a young lady that openly dislikes me( Laughs). She hit me with the “I hate you but I love your music”.



How much of an influence has your Jamaican upbringing been to your music?

BULLET! I love my culture. I love my people. We dance, we love, we cook. Family reunions are so important. It comes out when I sing passionately. The more in my soul I dig, the more of that Caribbean culture pours out.


Who would you say your biggest jazz influences are?



Your style of music is a fusion of jazz, trap and others… Has your music translated as well back home as it has in The US and abroad?

Home is like “Yeah yeah yeah. Dat Boy Good!”.  The ladies dance with me to my song so I can’t complain.


How long did it take to make The Pink Polo EP?

Hmmm. I’d say about a month. Most of the other time was spent preparing for the success.


What are some of the fan favorite tracks and why would do you think they’ve been so popular?

“Bounce” was that surprise track. The energy and my adlibs is what got ‘em. “SHE GOT DEM YAMZ!”.


What do you like to do in your downtime?

I pretty much studio hop, have jam sessions with dope musicians and just laugh and Heem talk with my friends.


Favorite pair of footwear you own and why?

I’m rough on shoes. Give me some Clarks and a pair of Roshe Runs.


Accessory you never travel without?

A Bag full of Hawaiian shirts.


Any tours coming up? 

Show abroad etc. I can’t announce ‘em yet, but just now New York, LA, UK Dubai. All booked.


What else can we expect from you in 2015? 

My app Network By Masego. I’m gonna kill the business game and change the world.


Is there anything else you’d like to add? 

I love juice, dancing and looping on my loop station. HIDY HIDY HIDY HOOOOOOOO!



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* Ayara Pommells is Owner of UK website and a music writer for, Respect Mag, & Follow @YahYahNah.