feature: ‘the questions’ – afropunk’s monthly comic strip, by illustrator branson belchie ii

July 22, 2015

Every month, illustrator Branson Belchie II creates a comic strip for AFROPUNK that addresses current social issues. This month’s comic strip is about this #AllLivesMatter thing.

“‘The Questions’ are a series of comic strips and illustrations born out of frustration and anger at the injustices society has committed against African Americans. I’m just as tired as you of cops greeting us with guns drawn, asking us questions in threatening tones. I’m just as angry at this system for showing us no respect, when our ancestors are The Architects of all this shit! I’m tired of the assumptions because of my race, I’m sick of the fearful glances and the purse clutching; the finger pointing at the melanin monster.”Branson Belchie II