feature: the distinctive collages of mixed media artist devin morris

July 9, 2015

Check out the art of Brooklyn-based mixed media artist Devin Morris, creator of the 3 Dot Zine The Maryland native primarily creates physical and digital collages and tells us: “For many years I honed my aesthetic abilities in the field of fashion specializing in buying, merchandising, editorial styling, and feature writing. After being encouraged by friends to take my collage work more seriously I began my artistic career in collage and video”. He adds, “My works are comprised of varying video, audio, visual and physical elements, the physical being the zine. I record video sequences of benign interactions between myself and objects while layering snippets of recorded conversations as the audio for the video, in hopes of portraying the random nature of thinking and how it rarely relates to your present circumstance. In a sense, showing disconnection to reality. My collage works mainly consists of mixed media on paper and serve as observations on society, culture, places and consumerism. My works are best understood when viewed with all audio, physical and visual elements present within the same space creating one distracted experience. My works deals with distractions and understanding how distractions drive behaviors when communicating.”. Explore his striking work below and see more here.

By Alexander Aplerku, AFROPUNK Contributor 


“Exit Through the Haven”
mixed media collage on marble

“Léte Stuffed”
photo, plastic bag, glitter assemblage


“Portal 1”
mixed media collage  


Portal 3
mixed media collage 


“The Wall 2”

mixed media collage on board 


Mixed media collage



“On Time, Outta Line” 
color paper, felt & photo collage


Cover Art – Abdu Ali

Natty Paint Lookbook

Assemblage, styling and photography by Devin Morris