new music: seven davis jr’s powerful song against police brutality – ‘fighters’

June 11, 2015

Listen to ‘Fighters’, the new single from Future Soul singer Seven Davis Jr – a single that touches on the social unrest that has swept America following incidents of police brutality in cities such as Ferguson and Baltimore. The singer tells us: ‘Fighters’ was inspired by seeing the different struggles and political issues of other countries during my travels. Especially watching the current violence in America escalate, from outside of America. How some people fight for very valid reasons and others may be fighting to preserve old practices that are no longer appropriate in today’s world. The lyrics “They’re killing themselves” refers to officers in America who have been killing and targeting innocent African Americans. That those officers are killing themselves each time they kill an innocent African American. Not just in America but anywhere people are being murdered.” Listen below.

By Alexander Aplerku, AFROPUNK Contributor