free download: brazil’s afro hooligans stretch the sonic boundaries on their ‘prelúdio ep’ #soundcheck

June 12, 2015

Electronica can be a double edged sword. The infinite possibilities of sounds and rhythms you can create at little to no cost, mean that both anything is possible, but also it’s really easy to flood the system with interchangeable EDM. So when I hear something that manages to navigate the realm of dance while really exploring the sonic limits, I can’t help but stand up. On their latest, EP, Sao Paulo based duo bends the limits of sound and space in ways that treat the recording process itself as an instrument. The Prelúdio EP is hypnotic without being repetetive, spacey and ambient but still driving and engaging, synth driven in a way that feels both nostalgic and futuristic. Like the best electronica, it creates sounds that can’t possibly exist in a way that feels organic and personal.

By Nathan Leigh, AFROPUNK Contributor

There’s something of the 90’s demoscene to the low sampled synths of “Saliva.” Hazy memories of Purple Motion haunt the gliss arpeggios of “2x+” while the entire thing is pushed to distortion. Snips of melodies burble up out of the sonic stew; vocal samples meandering through “Saliva” and “Drive” with little intent. “Drive” is the closest the EP comes to dance, with a 606 hihat loop battling a wandering cowbell. Detuned synths creep in adding a sense of menace and unease to the whole thing. As the police radio comes into focus, and the sirens wail past the listener, “Drive” gives the impression of driving though an area where something terrible has happened. The unease of the track, recent history, personal bias, and the closing line “we don’t want to scare your children” suggest that the cops aren’t there to fix whatever has happened. But like good horror, it suggests something terrible and leaves you to fill in the gaps.