feature: #nottooproudtofight hashtag highlights #intersectionality of fight for lgbtq equality with fight against racism for queer people of color

June 29, 2015

As Darnell L. Moore puts it (via MIC), “If LGBTQ people have reason to be proud today, it is because of the radical responses of the tenacious freedom fighters, black and brown folk among them, who refused to be mistreated and shamed by the state or society.”. However as Moore (a Brooklyn-based LGBTQ activist and senior editor of MIC) goes on to say: “contemporary Pride celebrations often overlook the radical starting place of the queer and trans struggle. These events also tend to be largely organized around white LGBTQ people.” Now MIC are documenting the opinions of LGBTQ people of color through the hashtag #NotTooProudToFight – a tag which is gaining momentum on social media platforms and highlighting the #intersectionality of the Fight For LGBTQ Equality With The Fight Against Racism For Queer People of Color. Explore the hashtag below.

By Alexander Aplerku, AFROPUNK Contributor