feature: get on the mic for the symphony – the new issue of ‘4 pages 16 bars: a visual mixtape’

June 2, 2015

It’s that time of year again. The weather’s getting warmer (in theory), which means that the temperature is rising. I’m not talking about cookouts and beach time; I’m talking about the ongoing discussion of Characters of Color and the people who create them in the entertainment industry.

By Jiba Molei Anderson, AFROPUNK Contributor 


As I continue my marketing and analysis of representation of diversity in comics, once again the discussion breaks down into tried and true tropes:

“We need more characters of color!”

“We need to start our own companies!”

“We need to support our own!”

“If any Black artists or writers come out with decent stuff, I’ll support it.”

“We need a huge investment of capital in order to put out quality product.”

“What happened to Milestone? We need a new Milestone, but ‘The Man’ would never allow that to happen!”

“Where the comics created by POC at?”



In April, a mixtape dropped, Sequential Graffiti, It was a taste of something on the horizon, a little treat to get you ready for the LP.

The revolution is here.

4 Pages 16 Bars: A Visual Mixtape Vol. 1 – The Symphony is the shot fired across the starboard bow. It is the dream realized and the face of the true diversity that exists in the entertainment landscape today. It is where you will find us, the creators, the Hard Riders, the Visual MCs, Literary DJs and Crowd Controllers who have been holding this scene down, changing the color of the industry one innovative concept at a time.

Peep the line-up:

Purge created by Roosevelt Pitt, illustrated by Rob Haynes, Krishna Balram Banerjee, Gus Vasquez & Jay Reed


The Anansi Kid’s Club created by Micheline Hess


Project Wildfire created by Quinn McGowan


Bounce created by Chuck Collins


One Nation created by Jason Reeves, Alverne Ball and Luis Guerrero

Purge: Black, Red & Deadly created by LaMorris Richmond, illustrated by Roberto Goiriz

Juda Fist created by Mark C Dudley

Dziva Jones created by Aminah Armour, illustrated by Ashley A. Woods


Dreadlocks created by Andre Batts


There’s also a gallery featuring the work of John Jennings as well as articles from Maia Crown Williams, Damon Alums & Jiba Molei Anderson.


4 Pages 16 Bars: A Visual Mixtape, from Blaxis Publishing and Cedar Grove Books, is the answer to all of those questions, all of those complaints, all of that wishing, hoping and praying. A four-volume quarterly trade paperback series has been created to focus on comics, webcomics, animation and prose featuring creators of color. It is a resource that celebrates the past, present and future, the evolution of this movement that has been in full effect for well over 20 years.

Where the comics created by POC at? We’re right here. Cop 4 Pages 16 Bars: A Visual Mixtape Vol. 1 print and digital formats at Barnes & Noble and Amazon June 3.


The Blaxis ain’t coming… The Blaxis is HERE!