afropunk premiere: stream “bad habit” the infectious new single from rob milton #soundcheck

June 8, 2015

80’s synths, distorted guitars, and soulful vocals explode out of Rob Milton’s new single. “Bad Habit” glistens with Milton’s solo call and response. The chorus of solo Rob Miltonses sings a tale of love, obsession, even bordering on addiction. “You’re my bad habit / and baby I ain’t mad at it / I wanna roll you up / smoke you up.” It’s an ode to the allure of a toxic relationship; that terrible terrible idea you can’t help but be drawn to. The cut itself is addictive on its own, but maybe not one you need to quit so quickly.

By Nathan Leigh, AFROPUNK Contributor

“Bad Habit” comes from Milton’s forthcoming debut full length album Rebirth. Check it out June 19th.