afropunk premiere: get a free download of the new record from party animal (featuring kool ad) ‘avant garbage’ #soundcheck

June 26, 2015

In the 2 years since their debut, Kool AD’s Party Animal has gotten tighter, more serious, looser, and goofier. They’ve perfected the magical chemistry of using a raised eyebrow, a wry middle finger and a half-joke to illustrate a serious point. Tackling alcohol abuse “Partying Is Such Sweet Sorrow,” education reform “Educational Reform,” drone warfare “Remote Control Planes,” and economic inequality in “Financial Deprivation Block,” Party Animal’s weirdly celebratory reign of old school hardcore continues on AVANT GARBAGE.

By Nathan Leigh, AFROPUNK Contributor

If their debut had the feel of a bunch of old friends getting wasted and playing some half-remembered riffs from their youth in a garage over the course of a weekend, their latest loses some of the tossed off “we’re just fucking around” energy, in exchange for sharper riffs and more pointed social criticism. “Educational Reform (Smart Enuf)” uses the Ramonesy dumb fun of Party Animal’s chaos to illustrate a point about the education system in America. It’s kind of brilliant, actually. The record also features my favorite punk Beatles cover this side of Grey Matter’s “I’ve Just Seen A Face” in the beautifully anarchic “Baby You’re In Richmond.”

AVANT GARBAGE is available now for free download in the Bandcamp player above. It’s coming soon on cassette, because obviously it is.