new music: indy hardcore band crack lung’s ‘terror on tape’ is music to smash windows to #soundcheck

May 14, 2015

With track names like “Bloodfucker” “Gutterlust” and “Burn The Widow,” Crack Lung clearly means their album title Terror on Tape literally. Also because it’s on cassette. It’s a grindy gruesome sludgefest informed by the ghosts of hardcore past and present. Indy scene staple (and giver of one surprisingly sober 3 AM stick n poke to yours truly) Andrew Stacy described the band as “the only real hardcore band in Indianapolis,” and whether that’s true or not, they definitely set the bar for real glass in your teeth hardcore high.

By Nathan Leigh, AFROPUNK Contributor


“Bloodfucker” is a sludgy dirge that makes your bones rattle. Just lofi enough to feel real, just hifi enough to have punch. Memphis Jones and the Danger Brothers treat tape and space as another instrument on this EP. Though the songs are short and brutal (most run under a minute, whether breakneck jams or downtempo cuts), even the 36 second “Blame The Drugs” finds time to play with space. Shoutout to producer Kenzie ‘Whippin’ Webler who keeps in every drop of feedback and noise. “Pigs” is probably the most old school hardcore cut, with an almost thrash guitar line splitting the space between Black Sabbath and Black Flag. Leading off with a vocal sample “if you’re gonna have some sausage, you gotta kill some pigs,” though the vocals are distorted past the point of recognition, the message is crystal clear.

A story: this one time, I was in line at a coffee shop in Indianapolis, and this kid with the most emo bangs in the history of emo bangs was trying to get the barista to come to his band’s show. “What’s your band like?” She asked. “Oh you know, it’s got like lots of breakdowns and stuff,” he responded. That was literally his entire description of his band. Breakdowns and stuff. I doubt she ended up at Emobang’s show. When Crack Lung throws in a breakdown, they fucking mean it. But I’d expect no less from the only hardcore band in Indy. “Prison Bitch” is fierce and destructive, and “Sexx Mansion” is a gentle reminder that for all of it’s rage and fury, hardcore is still pretty damn fun. This is music to smash windows to. “Weed Grinder” and “Burn The Widow” hail from different sessions, and the change in sound is clear, but there’s enough sonic play and tape hiss throughout to keep it making sense. The EP ends with Red from Pineapple Express debating “I’m trying to decide how stoned am or just like how on the verge of death am I right now.” That’s basically Crack Lung’s thesis statement. Check them out and decide for yourself.


The EP is pay-what-you-want on Bandcamp, and available on Cassette through Old Man Mean Dog.