feature: witnesses of michael brown, eric garner and freddie gray’s assault by police have all been arrested after they blew the whistle on police brutality

May 12, 2015

Following the riots in Baltimore, the man who used his cellphone to record video of Freddie Gray’s arrest by Baltimore police officers found himself the subject of an arrest. Kevin Moore (pictured above) was arrested by police, as he left a protest, along with two friends – both of whom work with the activist organization Copwatch. Moore (who has now been released) describes the scene as police¬†¬†intimation, and his case is far from an isolated incident. Both the witnesses of Michael Brown (Dorian Johnson) and Eric Garner (Ramsey Orta)‘s assault by police have been arrested following their whistle blowing. Check out the video below (via VICE).

By Alexander Aplerku, AFROPUNK Contributor