feature: ‘large fears’ – a children’s book about a queer kid of color

May 29, 2015

Take a look at new children’s book ‘Large Fears’, a book about a queer kid of color who “defies gender roles, race politics, sexuality and his fears”. The book was written by Myles E. Johnson and illustrated by NYC based artist Kendrick Daye; and with their creation and central character Jeremiah Nebula, Johnson and Daye hope to encourage children to conquer their largest fears, accept differences in others, and chase their wildest dreams. Johnson states, “When you don’t see yourself in the media, it does weird things to your psyche […] The worst thing it can do is make you agree with what you see — ‘nothing’ — and just think you’re invisible. But most people who feel like that don’t have terrible lives, necessarily. They just live believing they don’t matter.” In conjunction with the book, both creators are running a number of children’s workshops; which you can support here via Kickstarter.

By Alexander Aplerku, AFROPUNK Contributor