feature: colorofchange wins victory over officer slager fundraisers

April 16, 2015

This week ColorOfChange won a major victory getting Indiegogo to take down all Officer Slager fundraisers from their site. As with previous incidents of racially motivated murders from Trayvon Martin to Michael Brown to Eric Garner, there has been a wave of far right fundraisers seeking to profit off of the hate. ColorOfChange motivated their 54,000 membership to raise their voices and take action, resulting in the immediate removal of all fundraisers seeking to benefit the killer of Walter Scott.

By Nathan Leigh, AFROPUNK Contributor


While some may cry “censorship,” let’s be clear on what censorship is: It is the silencing of a voice by a government agency. Indiegogo is not the government, nor is ColorOfChange. They are a private company deciding they don’t want to be associated with hatefulness. ColorOfChange is currently running a petition to get Indiegogo to change their policy to outlaw all future fundraisers to benefit racially motivated killers. Please take a minute to take a look at it and sign:



This victory goes to show the power of collective action. When we all raise our voices together, we can achieve greatness. The fight is far from over, there are many other fundraising platforms, so it is very important that we all continue to keep pressure on to keep people from profiting off of hate.