exclusive premiere: blxpltn’s powerful new single ‘auf wiedersehen’ #soundcheck

April 9, 2015

Austin electro-punk trio BLXPLTN has never been one to mince words. Though their songs can range from almost nihilistic to almost posi-core, they’ve always been at their best when they’re speaking truth to power. Their newest single from their forthcoming second full length album is them at their best. “Auf Wiedersehen” alternates between the point of view of Darren Wilson to the parents of teenagers killed by police violence. Verses begin with a bone-chilling “where you goin’ there sonny?” before switching up to a frustrated and mournful “funerals everywhere I go / tell your children not to leave their homes.” The song weaves in and out of perspectives with a surprising interlude that gives the song its name. Like the best of BLXPLTN, it’s heavy, powerful, and utterly unique. We couldn’t be more excited to hear the rest of the album.

By Nathan Leigh, AFROPUNK Contributor



The track is also streaming as the closing song on our latest AFROPUNK Mixtape #005: Midnight School. Check it out here: