new music: stream the alt rock goodness of french hard rock quartet wills49 #soundcheck

March 11, 2015

French hard rock quartet Wills49 formed out of the breakup of Alannah in the early 2000’s. Singer Frank and guitarist Terry anchor the band’s sound, rooted in 70’s pub rock and 90’s alternative. Their latest record Machinery dropped in 2011, with singles “Nothing’s Impossible,” “Right On Time,” and “Judgement Day.” The band has a heavy post-grunge sound, dynamic guitars and driving rhythms reminiscent of Stone Temple Pilots and Sponge. Frank’s vocals on “Nothing’s Impossible” have an anthemic quality, while “Judgement Day” gets more political, referencing the PATRIOT Act and erosion of privacy rights. “Right On Time” is the highlight of the band’s set, with a grimy 70’s rock riff, and Frank’s strongest hook on record. Check these guys out.

By Nathan Leigh, AFROPUNK Contributor