free download! back talk’s infectious pop punk single ‘art imitates wife’ #soundcheck

February 20, 2015

Boston-based Back Talk provides the antidote to the millions of bands who have taken “pop punk” to mean “try to sound as much like New Found Glory as possible.” Their latest single, ‘Art Imitates Wife’ is loaded with an indelible hook whose sweetness is cut with a Minor Threat namecheck. Though the song lacks the constant stream of Harry Potter puns of their last single “Boy Who Lived,” it ratchets up the infectiousness. Living somewhere between Radish and The Get-Up Kids (I have few higher compliments), they’re the rare pop punk band with personality and solid songcraft.

By Nathan Leigh, AFROPUNK Contributor


The single and it’s equally great b-side “Speak Too Soon” are currently available for free download through Bandcamp. Some days just call for some undeniable pop punk. This is one of those days.