feature: ‘the untamed: a sinner’s prayer’ “dark fantasy comic book series

February 27, 2015

Take a look at comic book series ‘The Untamed’. The dark fantasy series centers on a stranger given “seven days to reap seven souls and earn his way out of hell”. When he meets Niobe, an orphan girl who reminds him of his daughter, he is given a conscience and source of hope. A graphic hardcover novel is on the way and you can support here. Check out images from the series below.

By Alexander Aplerku, AFROPUNK Contributor

“Heaven and Hell” and “Seven Days, Seven Souls” by Sheldon Mitchell


‘Niobe, the Warrior Queen’ by Hyoung Taek Nam

‘Niobe Ayutami’ by Hyoung Taek Nam 

‘Niobe the Divine’ by Afua Richardson

‘Severed Head Sees All’ by Hyoung Taek Nam and ‘An Ancient Love’ by James C. Webster

‘Brothers’ by James C. Webster