new music: stream ‘queen of prospect park’ from imani coppola’s ‘little jackie’ #soundcheck

November 7, 2014

Little Jackie’s Imani Coppola exploded with her 1997 single “Legends of a Cowgirl.” With her solo career on the side, Imani Coppola formed Little Jackie with producer Adam Pallin in 2008. The duo has taken Imani Coppola’s genre-defying aesthetic to extremes, crafting perfect bursts of adventurous indie pop. Their latest record is Queen of Prospect Park.

By Nathan Leigh, AFROPUNK Contributor

Queen of Prospect Park is part 1940’s showtune, part early 60’s Motown, part late 60’s garage, part 90’s R&B, and part sci-fi future. Imagine what someone in 2200 might think 20th century music sounded like. “Sweet” is the kind of wide-eyed love song that we’re all far too jaded and clever to write anymore, and it’s irresistible. It’s a well that may as well have run dry in 1962, yet Little Jackie’s infectious energy and smart future-retro production sells it.

The record truly comes alive on the back half after a left-field cover of “Dream A Little Dream” that it would be criminal for David Lynch to ignore in his Twin Peaks revival. “Cheating On You With Me” is the perfect fuck-you-I’m-awesome anthem “if you can’t love yourself, how the hell you gonna love somebody else?” While “Move To The Beat” should be the soundtrack of anyone hustling to make rent in Brooklyn. Like so much of Little Jackie’s music it’s optimistic but with a knowingly skewed eyebrow. It’s danceable but with a hint of darkness. It’s retro but futuristic. It’s refreshingly smart pop music with substance and personality.