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October 10, 2014

When it comes to gaming, I prefer to save the princess/the world on my PC. Not only is it my place of work as a write, it is also my escape. When I get frustrated with an article all I have to do is click to start playing a game. I prefer a good RPG over the other genres because of the whole feel of controlling the characters and their commands/attacks. My list of top games always seems change, so these are my top five RPG games that I’m currently playing on my PC:

By Taneisha Jane, AFROPUNK Contributor *
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1 – South Park: The Stick of Truth

I’m a big South Park fan, so it would make sense that I’d want to play this game. When I first started to play the game, I was surprised that the main character of the game wasn’t one of the main characters from the television show. Another thing that surprised me was the protagonist didn’t talk at all. Putting that aside, this game is decent as well as funny. Traveling all over South Park while battling enemies from past South Park episodes and a combat system that is similar to old school RPG’s, this game will keep the biggest South Park fan entertained.
I’m currently playing this game a second time around because I had so much fun beating it the first time. The first time around, I picked the mage class and got up to level 49 for my main character. I didn’t bother finding all of the secrets and completing the side quests, which made the game a little harder to beat. After beating the game, I went back in and decided to complete the side missions and take my time to find the collectibles in the game, such as the Chinpokomon.

2 – Dark Souls 2

I liked this game because it was different. This action RPG gave me a challenge that wasn’t easy. That’s not to say none of the other games on this list gave me a challenge, but this sequel seemed harder than the first. That’s something I like in game series. Although the storyline can be hard to follow when first played through, the gameplay can make up for it.
Much like South Park: TSOT, you are able to level up your character as well as choose a class. I chose the warrior class, but I had trouble playing the game at the beginning. My character became hollow and wasn’t able to regain its humanity after all the times it died. When your character dies, they lose the souls that they gathered to help them gain experience points. This actually has stopped me from defeating the harder bosses, which in turn makes the game more challenging since my character is no longer human. Even though my character isn’t human, when I was summoned into a friend’s battle, my character regained its humanity which encouraged me to continue playing.

3 – Hack N’ Slash

I expected Hack ‘N’ Slash to be more like The Legend of Zelda gameplay, but this game is more than that. Hack ‘N’ Slash is a hacking themed puzzle game, where a young elf uses a usb sword to hack the universe. There isn’t as much combat, but there are puzzles and hacking which actually use commands, code and other hacking methods to potentially shut down the universe. Someone who is interested in hacking or computer commands (as well as puzzle RPG’s) will like this game.
You don’t have to know how to actually hack or any computer commands, but it would be helpful in this game. I experimented with code throughout the game with the puzzles that require them. Each puzzle that required them got harder and harder throughout the levels. When you hit a block or an item with the usb sword, this initiates a puzzle. Although the hacking puzzles are difficult and there isn’t much combat, the game is still fun and the challenge is the reason I continue to play.

4 – Child Of Light

Playing Child of Light was an artistic inspiration and experience. This game made my want to pull out my sketch pad, copic markers and watercolor paints to make an artistic masterpiece everytime I played it. Playing as Aurora, the princess of light, you have to recapture the three sources of light in order to save your Kingdom from The Black Queen. That may sound bland but trust me; the storyline played out is a great experience.
The combat is turn based, (which the creator was inspired by Grandia 2) where a player has to wait until the ‘timeline’ is completed and the command comes up for them to attack. This hindered me to level up as fast, but my characters are each leveled up to 70 half way through the game. I hate running away from battles, which helps me level up my characters quicker. I also steered off the path of completion in order to find secrets in the game, such as confessions and gems to help level up my party some more.
What are your top four RPG games you’re currently playing for the PC? If you don’t like playing on the PC, what are your top four RPG games you are currently playing on any gaming system? Feel free to submit your answer via my Twitter or on my Nerdgasms Tumblr page.

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