free download: debut ep from metal band the magnificent shit hawks of the greater northern americas. #soundcheck

October 22, 2014

Let’s just get this out of the way first: the band is called The Magnificent Shit Hawks Of The Greater Northern Americas. Their EP is called The Monumental Misadventures of Skeeter Jennings …in LOVE. It concludes with a doom metal setting of the Dayman song that gets stuck in my head every single goddamn day from It’s Always Sunny… I don’t know how you can do anything but love everything about this. It is perfect.

Words by Nathan Leigh, AFROPUNK Contributor

The EP kicks off with the brutal “Kill The Rat.” The band busts out some thrash riffs beneath shouts of “kill the rat / shoot the fucking snitch!” while frontman Nick’s laser solo comes out of nowhere. On “Covenant,” the band brings out their inner (or really, their outer) Motorhead. After a punk rock intro, the band gradually drops down getting progressively sludgier until we enter full stoner metal territory for the rest of the album.
And this is where it goes from “damn, this is pretty good” to “oh holy shit this makes my life.” Closing tracks “Spaceghost” and “Dayman” Despite its title, Zorak is nowhere to be found on “Spaceghost.” Instead we get a stoner rock sci-fi epic tale of planetary destruction. And “Dayman.” If you do nothing else with your day, listen to “Dayman.”
The EP is out now on Bandcamp and is pay-what-you-can.