feature: visual artist komi olaf: art of purpose

October 27, 2014

There is a magnetic power that lies beyond art’s surface and elevates the minds of those who are unafraid to experience its field. Every color, shape, line, and symbol an Artist joins together tell of a story— their personal odyssey, whether in parables or a masterpiece with details equated to that of a novel’s. Understanding art at this capacity sets apart the drawers from Creators, using their divine capability to mirror their anguish, love, guilt, and joy. Painter extraordinaire, Komi Olaf has opened his heart, and at times dived into the darkest of places in order to reach freedom, all the while creating candid masterpieces that stream freely from his conscience serving not only himself but ultimately, the world.

By Tip Jordan, AFROPUNK Contributor

Recently having the chance to meet Komi, I learned that his acute attention to detail and esoteric observation skills contribute greatly to his artwork. Knowing that one must use a form familiarity to demand the attention of an audience, he incorporates imagery that engages an individual’s subconscious in order for their psyche to participate in the life of his illustrations.

Although a Canadian citizen for the last twelve years, Komi takes pride in his Nigerian heritage and has found balance merging Western and African culture. Using iconic Sesame Street characters, he channels unity and the osmosis of two incomparable unions.

It is a peculiar experience one takes on when observing any of Komi’s images. In his ‘Afro’ series, the artist borrows a plethora of different symbols and monuments from history in order for his subjects to understand the journey from the past to the present. This visceral technique of artistry he obtains demands the attention of inquisitive minds; hoping to encourage this generation using the blueprints of the past.

Besides painting, Komi Olaf expresses himself through poetry; establishing himself as a multi-talented Artisan along with being an Architect Designer. He is currently working on a new project in honor of Nigeria.

In the meantime, you can stay updated with his latest endeavors and view more artwork, designs, and poetry at

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