feature: visual artist, imani shanklin roberts: the portrayal of afro women

October 17, 2014

The perception and portrayal of Afro women in the media has always had an uneven, positive and negative balance being that, the latter has been the interest of popular culture. Good thing these misinterpretations of are beginning to come to an end with the contribution of a plethora of artists, including Imani Shanklin Roberts. Her powerful depictions of Afro people show the truth– that we are indeed beautiful!
Imani’s sense of detail and beauty exudes perfectly not only through her gorgeous paintings of Afro women but also of Afro men.

By Tip Jordan, AFROPUNK Contributor *

Roberts states: “As a facilitator of art knowledge, a teacher of meaningful art practices & skills and a believer in self-realized liberation my aim as an art educator is to offer a holistic art experience for young people that stimulates an awareness to ones personal voice and power.” – (source:

Be sure to visit Imani Shanklin Roberts’ site, for more of her stunning artwork.

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